Jumpstart Digital Marketing Presentation

How are you using your online presence to connect with and satisfy your customers?

Yesterday, we had the honor of presenting at the Jumpstart Entrepenur Conference. Our session, 21st Century Marketing & Sales, focused on utilizing your website, analytic tools, and social media to reach and satisfy customers.

What we love about the Jumpstart Conference is the support and recognition of  entrepreneurs rooted and invested in their communities by the Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce and the eTEAM,  and the opportunity to network with so many driven small business and small business advocates.

We’ve enjoyed our work with Marsha Lyttle and Harry Bleicher of the MI-SBTDC, and Janice Karcher and Sherry Tompkins of the Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce. We look forward to future projects and supporting the efforts of the eTEAM!

To see our Powerpoint presentation from the session, click here.

 “Closing a sale” in a digital world means being proactive, direct, and transparent.

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