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Our direct mail service is comprised of three parts: highly targeted marketing coupled with impressive design and mailed to your targeted audience. Targeted direct mail moves marketing away from mass marketing and toward direct advertising, meaning your message only goes to potential clients, in market for your product.

We specialize in matching you to your clients (and not wasting your time and money sending information to people who don’t fit!). Targeted marketing helps us determine whom you want to market to and aids us in selecting records that match your criteria. Big Data is the future and it's here today to help you reach your customer.

Consumer Lists are available starting at 4¢ per record and Business Lists are available starting at 6¢ per record. We can get very detailed lists, with very specific criteria. These are procured using top-notch data mining and a land slide of information that's public knowledge to help you get your message to the customer your trying to reach. Don’t waste money doing a saturation mailer when you can speak straight to your target audience.

Why waste time and money on extra postage and hand addressing?

We run your list through our USPS certified software to make sure that all addresses are correct and move updated! This is a rigorous record-by-record comparison against the USPS database to make sure your mailer is CASS certified and NCOA updated which guarantees it's deliverability and qualifies you for a massive postal discount. Once your list is clean, we can automate the addressing process and save you up to 40% in standard postal fees. Your savings on postage make this service just about free.

Because we work hand-in-hand with the USPS to ensure that all pieces mailed have CASS certification and NCOA move updated addresses, you are given a discount on your standard per piece postal rate. And we pass that discount on to you, saving you hundreds of dollars per mailing and ensuring your not mailing to addresses that aren't deliverable. By utilizing these services and presorting your mailing, your making sure your message gets where it's going as fast as possible.

Start determining your strategy today!

We also specialize in traditional saturation mailing utilizing the USPS Every Door Direct. This is a cost effective way to reach potential customers in your area. Having your mail piece delivered to specific areas based on mail routes by city and state or ZIP Code. Using this service there’s no need to procure or maintain expensive customer databases. This allows you to focus your message to targeted areas without the hassle of buying addresses or mailing lists, which can save you on postage and printing. We're also well versed in periodicals and DDU saturation mails like newsletters and publications. We've invested the time to know the postal codes and regulations so you don't have to and we do this to better serve you.

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